Word Knowledge

1. Ubiquitous most nearly means:
A) Sophisticated
B) Rare
C) Common
D) Affordable
2. Maim most nearly means:
A) Augment
B) Cultivate
C) Solder
D) Disfigure
3. Analogy most nearly means:
А) Onomatopoeia
B) Alliterate
C) Oxymoron
D) Comparison
4. Omnipotent most nearly means:
A) Disguise
B) Fecund
C) Powerless
D) All-powerful
5. The FBI kept a voluminous file on Pablo Picasso.
А) Concise
B) Secretive
C) Dossier
D) Extensive
6. Abstract most nearly means:
А) Physical
B) Hidden
C) Conceptual
D) De facto
7. Judicious most nearly means:
А) Sensible
B) Foolish
C) Impulsive
D) Irrational
8. Surreptitious most nearly means:
А) Blatant
B) Secretive
C) Encircle
D) Honest
9. Carte blanche most nearly means:
А) Constraint
B) Latitude
C) Yoke
D) Bestow
10. The word most opposite in meaning to renown is:
А) Obscure
B) Notoriety
C) Clout
D) Fame

Math Knowledge

11. If the area of a triangle is 24 square inches and its base is 6 inches, what is the height of the triangle?
А) 3 inches
B) 6 inches
C) 8 inches
D) 10 inches
12. Completely factor 2x2 + 7x + 3.
А) (2x + 2)(x + 5)
B) (2x + 3)(x + 1)
C) (2x + 4)(2x + 3)
D) (2x + 1)(x + 3)
13. In the sequence 4, 12, 36, x, 324, what is the most likely value of x ?
А) 64
B) 108
C) 136
D) 184
14. What does 6 1⁄3 + 5 3⁄10 equal?
А) 11 4⁄13
B) 11 3⁄10
C) 11 19⁄30
D) 11 1⁄3
15. Find the mean, median, mode, and the range of the following: 3, 12, 9, 7, 17, 4, 4.
А) 8, 7, 4, and 14
B) 8, 4, 4, and 14
C) 6, 7, 4, and 14
D) 7, 7, 4, and 14
16. If 710 = 7 x 7n, what is the value of n?
А) 10
B) 9
C) 7
D) 5
17. If 2x - y = -5 and y = 1 - 3x, then what is the value of y?
А) y = 17⁄5
B) y = 22⁄12
C) y = -1
D) y = 1/2
18. What is the distance around a circular field that has a radius of 35 kilometers. Use 22⁄7 for pi.
А) 100 km
B) 156 km
C) 220 km
D) 440 km
19. What is the volume of a cylinder that has a diameter of 10 inches and a height of 20 inches?
А) 200π3
B) 300π3
C) 400π3
D) 500π3
20. Simplify the expression: -2(1 x 4 - 2 ÷ 2) + (6 + 2 - 3).
А) 5
B) 3
C) -1
D) -2
21. Write an equation of a line that passes through the point (-2, 5) and has a slope of -4.
А) y = -4x - 3
B) y = 4x + 3
C) y = 4x - 3
D) y = -4x - 13

Paragraph Comprehension

Use the following passage to answer questions 22, 23, 24, and 25.

The coconut is an unusual food for many reasons. It is technically a seed, produced by the coconut palm tree, and as such is one of the largest edible seeds produced by any plant. Its unusual contents also make it unique in the seed world—the interior consists of both “meat” and “water.” The meat is the white pith with which we are all familiar, as it is used extensively for cooking and flavorings; the coconut water is a white liquid that is very sweet and thirst-quenching.

Portuguese explorers gave the nut its name in the 15th century, referring to it as coco, meaning “ghost” in their language. The three dimples and the hairy texture reminded them of a ghost’s face, and the tree has retained that name ever since.

The coconut has many varied uses. It is used to make margarine, as well as various cooking oils, and these cooking oils are used by fast-food restaurants around the world to make such diet staples as French fries. The coconut fluid is a favorite drink in hot climates, providing a cool and refreshing beverage right off the tree. This water is also used by manufacturers of various sports drinks because of its isotonic electrolyte properties. Even the shell itself has many uses, including cattle food and fertilizer.

Yet the coconut is also useful in many ways that have nothing to do with food. Coconut oil is used for cosmetics, medicines, and can even be used in place of diesel fuel. Dried coconut shells are used in many countries as a tool, such as a buffer for shining wood floors. The shells are also used for shirt buttons, and are commonly found on Hawaiian clothing. They are even used for musical instruments and bird houses! And all these are only some of the uses found for the coconut fruit. The coconut palm tree, which produces the nut, also produces countless useful items. It’s no wonder that the coconut palm has been called “the tree of life.”

22. The coconut earned the nick name “ghost” because
А) of its pale color.
B) it resembles a face.
C) it is round.
D) of its smell.
23. What is the main focus of this passage?
А) The history of coconuts.
B) Coconut trees have many uses.
C) Portuguese explorers loved coconuts.
D) Coconut palms are good shade trees.
24. Which of the following is NOT a use for the coconut palm?
А) margarine
B) buttons
C) helium balloons
D) diesel fuel
25. The coconut palm is sometimes called “the tree of life” because
А) the Portuguese thought it cured disease.
B) nearly every part of the tree is useful to mankind.
C) it grows near the Equator.
D) of its green color.

Arithmetic Reasoning

26. If your monthly salary is $1,015.00, how much do you have left after you pay the following bills: Rent: $443.50, Electricity: $45.62, and Groceries: $124.87?
А) $255.04
B) $136.54
C) $377.02
D) $401.01
27. A model of a satellite has a scale of 1 cm : 2 m. If the real satellite is 12 m wide, then how wide is the model of the satellite?
А) 12 cm
B) 8 cm
C) 9 cm
D) 6 cm
28. If you are traveling in a car at a rate of 70 mph, how much distance will you cover in 45 minutes?
А) 62.5 miles
B) 55 miles
C) 52.5 miles
D) 56.5 miles
29. On your first three math tests, you scored 90, 89, and 95. If you want a final average of 90 in your math class, what must you score on your fourth and final test?
А) 70%
B) 86%
C) 84%
D) 88%
30. Robert, a wheat farmer in Iowa, had 12 tons of grain after this year's harvest. If he gave 25 percent of his grain to his neighbor, how many pounds of grain does Robert have left for himself?
А) 18,000 pounds
B) 12,000 pounds
C) 20,000 pounds
D) 5,000 pounds
31. The price of a gallon of gas went from $4.00 to $3.80. What rate of decrease does this represent?
А) 11%
B) 5%
C) 8%
D) 9%
32. The radius of a circular playground is 60 feet. If fencing costs $5 per foot, then how much will it cost to enclose the playground with a fence?
А) $1,884
B) $2,000
C) $2,200
D) $3,200
33. It takes three hours to wash every window in a building. If the building has 30 windows, how many seconds does it take to wash each window individually?
А) 120 seconds
B) 150 seconds
C) 360 seconds
D) 90 seconds
34. A landscaping company placed two orders with a nursery. The first order was for 13 bushes and 4 trees, and it was $487 in total. The second order was for 6 bushes and 2 trees, and it was $232 in total. How much did each tree and each bush cost individually?
А) Bush:$23, Tree: $47
B) Bush:$47, Tree: $23
C) Bush:$25, Tree: $50
D) Bush:$22, Tree: $46
35. A 10 ft ladder is leaning against the side of a building such that the base of the ladder is 6 feet from the building. How far above the ground is the point where the ladder touches the building?
А) 10 feet
B) 8 feet
C) 13 feet
D) 9 feet